From the moment you enter our campus, you’ll feel the energy. The Frasier campus is brimming with life, including events and activities to keep the mind, body and soul sharp and engaged. 

At Frasier, the possibilities are endless.

Clubs Galore

Our resident-organized clubs sprout like tulips at Frasier. If you have a passion, start a club because there are likely many of your fellow residents who would love to join you to feed this passion. With dozens and dozens of clubs that meet daily, weekly or maybe just once a month, you’ll feed your passion, and make some wonderful friendships.

What’s Your Passion?

Do you like to dance? Join us for the Salsa class. Have you dabbled in photography or painting? Now’s the time to feed that desire. Or maybe you are a creator at heart? Visit the woodshop, resident-run brewery, or attend an art class. There’s so much to do, every day.

Get Social

While residents are passionate about their interests, they also love to relax. Our weekly social hour, sponsorships to greet new residents and even our first-name Fridays support an inclusive, relaxed and friendly community.

Team Frasier

The Frasier community, including residents, staff, volunteers and our leadership team, are a force in Boulder. This community participates in many campus or community activities, such as the Walk to End Alzheimer’s each year, to stay connected and engaged in local matters.

Learn More

We encourage you to check out our events and activities calendar. You’ll see so many opportunities to stay active, engaged and fulfilled.